February 15, 2010

To Whom It May Concern:

It is an honor to write this letter of recommendation on behalf of Richard James Ralls [aka, Rick Rülf]. I understand the significant gravity of this letter of recommendation and base my evaluation on a careful review of Ralls’s materials drawing on my professional experience with him as his professor at Portland State University. Ralls, in my opinion, fits all the criteria for developing a collaborative management plan involving federal and tribal government agencies.

I have known Richard for one year as an undergraduate student in two of my courses in Native American Studies at Portland State University. In this time period, I have had numerous opportunities both to observe him in a variety of student roles and to talk with him about his career path. He is an extremely bright and talented individual who approaches his academic responsibilities with a commitment to the kind of rigorous exploration and examination that I have seldom witnessed in other students. For example, he sets a good example by coming to class with assignments completed in spite of having part-time employment. He volunteers to lead class discussions framed from our course textbooks. Even when I am gone from class, I can count on him to facilitate and take over the class. I noticed that he pays special attention to my classroom teaching preparation and pedagogical teaching strategies of each class session. Moreover, his critical thinking skills are deeply reflected in all of his classroom assignments. Let me elaborate more about his qualifications for this position.

Richard Ralls is also a skilled writer and receives accolades from peers and students alike at Portland State University. Ralls’s undergraduate courses in Native American Studies with me in 2008-2009 gave evidence of his capacity for creative analysis and methodological precision. His writing assignments were so well written and conceptualized that I use them as examples for other courses. Another example was his enthusiasm in working at the annual student-lead powwow held on our campus this past spring term. Acquiring service learning credits at this cultural event helped him witnessed the ethos of cultural practice in the lives of powwow singers and dancers from the local tribal communities.

As the selection committee will see, Richard Ralls is energetic, intelligent, and learns quickly. He is unflinching when taking on new challenges, has the ability to undertake penetrating conceptual and strategic analyzes, and has an unmistakable commitment to Indigenous Peoples.

Of the hundreds of students I have observed and worked with, from whom I’ve learned through the years, only small percentages possess these characteristics for which I have described above. I would rank Rick Ralls in the highest quality group among students with whom I have worked with during the last 10 years in higher education. I give him this ranking because he demonstrates unusually high creativity, initiatives in addition to intellectual and methodological skills, and a keen will to succeed.

The combination of being an outstanding student at Portland State University makes Rick Ralls an excellent candidate as a research assistant for your project. I hope you will consider my letter of recommendation favorably, and I will be most happy to elaborate on any of these thoughts.

Most Sincerely,

Cornel Pewewardy, D.Ed.

Director & Associate Professor of Native American Studies

November 1, 2019 

To whom this may concern:

It is my absolute pleasure to be writing this letter of recommendation for Rick. I can full heartedly say that whatever position he is applying for, he already knows that he has the skills, as well as the passion, and commitment to excellence that will impress you over and over. I've had the pleasure to have known Rick for several years prior to his employment with Fairbanks Farms. His personal qualities such as his ability to communicate, his ability to think outside the box, his unrivaled reliability, his ability to be completely self motivated, and so many more are aspects of what makes him such a special friend, and valuable co-worker/employee. Over the years at Fairbanks Farms Rick has been put in charge of some of the most critical aspects of our operations both laboriously, and digital media projects. He's been trusted to manage teams, and shown that he can be trusted to run operations efficiently. All of our other employees look up to him, are comfortable sharing ideas, as well as critiques with him. They're comfortable because he cares. He cares genuinely. He shows empathy when it's needed. We've all grown personally and professionally because of his presence. He shows unbelievable self discipline when we've asked him to work satellite on his own for anything we've ever asked him to do. While being sad to see him move on as an employee, I am confident that our friendship will last forever. I'm honored to be writing this letter of recommendation for him, and I have no doubt that having Rick on your team will equate to forward progress and prosperity. Please feel free to contact me with any questions regarding his character, or past responsibilities on our team.


Ryan Ericson

Fairbanks Farms

24607 Fairbanks Lane

Covelo, CA 95428


July 7, 2019

Thank you, Rick Rülf of Space Cave Recording Arts, for your expertise and patience behind the engineering mastery and cultivation of the Life Drum Project. Inspiring location to focus and professional state of the art equipment was only outweighed by your dedication and willingness to help me create something beautiful. I think that is a very important and powerful trait that every artist searches for. Thank you for believing in me.

Valentine Haddix

Song Writer & Musician