Samples of Creative Content

When We Go Into the Dark: Educational Documentary

Trailer for an educational documentary film about the importance of preserving dark places for humanity's relationship with the night sky. Based on  interviews with experts in arts and humanities. Trailer features an excerpt from an interview with Star Lore Historian, Mary Stewart Adams. 

Culture & Ecology: Stories from the Confluence

In this podcast, experts share practical and inspirational experiences for the benefit of humanity and the environment. Please enjoy this sample, featuring Kim Stafford, Poet Laureate of Oregon, speaking on consciousness, language, ecology, interrelatedness, regeneration and the cycle of life. 

Life Drum Project: Music & Promotional Video

Promotional video for Life Drum Project by Valentine Haddix, recorded by Rick Rülf at Space Cave Recording Arts. 

Witch's Son: Music Composition and Audio Engineering

Original music performance, recording, mixing, editing and album art by Rick Rülf.