Rick Rülf: Educational Media Specialist

The content I create is informed by a strong history of field experience in anthropology, archaeology, ecology, wildlife habitat restoration and agriculture, as well as formal education in environmental sciences,  ecology, biology, psychology, linguistics, literature, history and environmental design. I enjoy observing and analyzing the cosmos, natural law, the psyche, and human cultures as they relate to the physical world. Even more so, I enjoy collaborating with experts of various artistic and scientific disciplines to create multimedia story-telling programs.

With more than two decades of research, writing and field experience in humanities and natural science, along with experience in audio and creative media production, my passion for reporting on compelling social and environmental issues endures. This passion requires application of diverse skills, especially researching, writing, networking, interviewing, videography, photography, video editing, audio engineering. 

Published multimedia content includes a photo in "PLAYA Anthology, 2018," audio and video in a segment of OPB's "Oregon Field Guide"(2020),  a podcast series entitled "Culture and Ecology: Stories From the Confluence" (2020), and several musical projects (2019-2020). An additional publication anticipated in 2020 is "When We Go Into the Dark," a documentary series about humanity's relationship to dark skies.

Published works in anthropology include presentations at the Society for American Archaeology (2001) and Great Basin Anthropological Conference (2000), and a long list of cultural resource inventory and test excavation reports (2002-2003) produced for state agencies. Some of these reports were used by officials at the Utah State Historical Preservation Office as instructional examples for other archaeologists and technicians working in the field.

Past experience includes serving two years  as an archaeological crew chief and laboratory supervisor for Utah State University Anthropology Program (USU), representing the USU college of humanities before state legislators, and serving as a regenerative agricultural coordinator for a successful farm.


  • Combined Cultural & Natural Science & Resource Management
  • Environmental Anthropology 
  • Prehistoric Archaeology (Pacific Northwest, Great Basin and Colorado Plateau, North America)
  • Applied Anthropology & Environmental Science
  • Audio & Visual Creative Content Development
  • Audio, Video, & Photo Recording, Mixing & Editing
  • Journalistic Research, Interviewing & Reporting
  • Writing
  • Broadcast Narration